I'am non resident in Spain. Do I have to pay taxes?

Yes, all non residents owning property in Spain have to pay property taxes. Both locally to the munucipality and government tax, both are based on the rateable value determined by local authorities.

As a non resident renting out my property on short-term basis, do I have to declare this income in Spain?

Yes, a tax return has to be presented each quarter. The tax rate is fixed and based on the net rental income for the quarter.

What is an NIE?

NIE is the abbreviation of the Spanish name for “Identity number for foreigners”. It is needed for practically any operation in Spain, for example to purchase or sell a property.

From a fiscal point of view, which is the primary difference between being resident and non resident?

As a non resident you are taxed based only on the rateable value of your property. Once you become a resident, you have to declare and pay tax on your global actual income, regardless of it’s origin.

I'm a non resident in Spain. Why do I need a fiscal representative?

Most foreigners, for obvious reasons, are not familiar with the Spanish tax legislation and the processes used to comply with the fiscal obligations. If you assign a fiscal representative, they will arrange for the payment of your taxes and make sure the obligations are fulfilled. They can also assist you with other quieries that often occur in relation to living in Spain.

Can you be of assistance with drawing up a Spanish will?

Yes, of course. Contact us for a first appointment to gather the information we need to prepare the will. You will then be given a new date to visit the notary’s office to sign your will. Leave this in the hands of our experts.

Do you recommend to get independent representation when buying a property?

Definately so. There are big differences between countries when it comes to the purchase process. It is important to have an experienced comprany representing you to ensure the transparency and safety of your investment. We can represent you throughout the entire process with power of attorney, you wouldn’t even have to be present in Spain for the completion of the purchase.

We want to sell our property but are no table to travel to and be present in Spain. Can Stattin & Partners represen tus in the sale.

Absolutely. If you can not be present in Spain, you are welcome to contact us and we will explain how you can sign a power of attorney before a notary in your home country.

Some Friends of our have told us that we should become reesidents in Spain. At what point should we become residents?

If you are not living in Spain more than 183 days per calender year, there is no reason to apply for residencia. For more detailed information base don your particular personal circumstances, please contact us.

My elderly parents own a property in Spain. In case of their death, Stattin & Partners would be able to help to sort out the inheritance of the Properties in Spain.

Yes, this is one of the areas in which we are specialized. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the process and what documentation is needed.